Alex Jones requests a $1.3 million compensation.

          Alex Jones Infowars salary

After testifying in his Sandy Hook defamation trial at Connecticut Superior Court in Waterbury, Connecticut, the United States, on October 4, 2022, Infowars founder Alex Jones addresses the media. Mike Segar for Reuters


Reuters, December 19 – On Monday, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones requested a judge to approve his request to receive a $1.3 million annual income from the insolvent parent business of his website Infowars.


In recent months, Jones and his business, Free Speech Systems LLC, have declared bankruptcy because they owe the Sandy Hook murder victims’ families a combined $1.5 billion in damages for falsely claiming the massacre was a fabrication. Jones has claimed that he is unable to pay the awards, which followed consecutive defamation lawsuits in Connecticut and Texas.

Alex Jones Fights in Bankruptcy for $1.3 Million Infowars Salary

Before Free Speech Systems filed for bankruptcy, Jones received a $1.3 million income from the company. On Monday, Jones’ lawyers requested U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Lopez to restore his pay to that amount.


Since his company declared bankruptcy on July 29, Jones has received a reduced monthly pay of $20,000, which is just over a third of what he was previously paid, according to a court document.

  •       Alex Jones Fights in Bankruptcy

According to attorneys for the company, Free Speech System’s monthly revenue has decreased from levels of $6 to $7 million before to bankruptcy to $1.9 million, and it currently has around $1.8 million in cash.



To turn this business around and try to pay off our creditors, we really need to return to that level of output, according to Jones’ attorney Vickie Driver.


An advocate for the Sandy Hook families named Marty Brimmage disagreed with Jones’ demand for a pay raise.


Although Lopez stated he is “open to increase” Jones’ wages, he lacked sufficient information to do so at this time.


Years ago, Jones said that a government scheme to confiscate Americans’ firearms included staging the 2012 shooting of 20 pupils and six staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

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